All our services mentioned below are inclusive of a complimentary shampoo with Kerastase range of products.
Cut And Styling 6,000 3,100 2,750 2,100 1,500
Cut And Styling (Under 12) 4,500 2,200 1,900 1,400 1,300
Styling 2,750 1,900 1,700 1,400 1,200 (OP)
Ironing 2,750 2,100 1,900 1,600 1,400 (OP)
Tonging 3,000 2,300 2,200 1,900 1,500 (OP)
Styling Up-Do (Day) 6,000 3,500 2,300 2,200 1,900 (OP)
Styling Up-Do (Evening) 6,500 4,500 3,700 3,300 3,000
Styling Up-Do (Elaborate) 7,000 5,500 4,300 3,800 3,300 (OP)
Hair Wash And Blast Dry - 1,400 1,200 1,100 900
Cut And Styling 4,500 2,100 1,900 1,500 1,100
Cut And Styling (Under 12) 3,500 1,700 1,500 1,200 900
Styling 2,000 900 800 700 600
Our color experts offer the technique best adapted to your hair and your needs. The pricing might vary according to the length of hair. The service charge includes Blast Dry.
Californian Highlights 9,500 7,500 7,000 6,000 5,500 (OP)
Classic Highlights 9,500 7,500 7,000 6,500 6,000 (OP)
Flash-Glazing-Techno 6,500 5,500 5,000 4,500 4,000
Sun Light - Sun Effect Highlights 7,000 6,000 5,500 5,000 4,500
Root Touch Up (Women) 3,750 2,700 2,500 2,400 2,200 (OP)
Global (Women) 5,500 5,000 4,500 4,100 3,700
Root Touch - Up (Men) 2,500 2,000 1,800 1,600 1,400
Global (Men) 3,500 3,000 2,800 2,600 2,400
Toner 2,500 2,000 1,800 1,700 1,500
Straightening Fringe 3,500 (OP)
Straightening - Partial 4,500 (OP)
Straightening 9,000 (OP)
Hair Extensions (Per Strand) Great Lenghts 1,200 (OP)
Smart Bond Express Treatment (NEW) 1,500 (OP)
Smart Bond Experience Ritual (Exclusively at Dessange) 4,000 (OP)
Fear no damage, Smart Bond protects and strengthens your hair from breakages; An exclusive combination of Smart Bond and Kerastase Fusio Dose for a custom made Ritual.
Olaplex Express Treatment 2,200 (OP)
Olaplex Hair Ritual 4,500 (OP)
Cysteine Curl Softening Treatment 8,500 (OP)
  Femme Homme
Very Personal Care For Exceptional Hair 1,700 1,700
An instant conditioning solution tailor-made to cater to your primary and secondary hair concerns simultaneously. (Accompanied with Blast Dry).
  • • Nourishment & Softness : For Dry Hair
  • • Strengthening & Reconstruction For Weak Hair
  • • Radiance & Shine :For Coloured Hair
  • • Vitality & Densification : For Fragile Hair
  • • Smoothness & Control : For Frizzy & Unmanageable Hair
EXPRESS / EXPERIENCE RITUALS (30/60 mins) 2,500/3,500 2,000/2,500
Customized hair care Rituals designed to target specific hair concerns which will ensure that your hair is completely transformed from within.
(Accompanied with Blast Dry)
  • • Discipline Ritual
  • • Curl Design Ritual
  • • Colour Protection & Radiance Ritual
  • • Intensive Nourishment Ritual
  • • Smoothing De-volumising Ritual
  • • • Futifying Ritual
SCALP CARE RITUALS (40 mins) 3,500 3,000
A collection of anti-pollution scalp care Rituals, using technologically advanced ingredients. Your scalp & hair will feel naturally clean and beautiful. (Accompanied with Blast Dry)
  • • Densifying Ritual
  • • Anti-Hair Loss Ritual
  • • Anti-Dandruff Ritual
  • • Soothing Scalp Ritual
  • • Anti-Oiliness Ritual
VIP RITUALS (90 mins)    
A collection of exclusive indulgent Rituals by Kerastase, designed to completely pamper you and transform your scalp & hair (Accompanied with Blast Dry)
Chronologiste Caviar Ritual 5,000 4,500
An ultra-luxury Ritual with the revitalizing virtues of mimetic caviar and Abyssine which completely rejuvenate the scalp and hair fibre
Keratherapy Ritual 5,000 4,500
An exlcusive heat activated Ritual to compensate for the loss of keratin and reconstruct very damaged hair fibre. it leaves the hair 125% more resistant to aggression
Anti-Pollution Ritual 5,000 4,500
A Ritual especially designed to combat the effects of pollution on scalp and hair. it leaves the scalp refreshed and balanced & improves the overall hair health.
Aura Botanica Natural Sensorial Ritual New 5,000 4,500
An ultra-sensorial Ritual using 97% natural-origin hair care for healthy glowing hair. Hair feels weightless with a natural touch and has 4X more shine.
Eye Treatment with Facial 2,000
Add-On Mask 2,200
Eye Treatment (30 mins) 2,500
This treatment is specially designed to restructure and strengthen the eye area and to combat problems of dark circles, fine lines and puffiness. It hydrates the eye contour area and smoothens the fine lines.
Purity Ritual - For All Skin Types (30 mins) 2,700
This treatment Is a perfect Introduction to Thalgo. We provide basic Thalgo clean up for different skin types. The skin is purified and re-energized. These purity rituals are customized according to skin type.
Micronized Marine Algae Facial (60 mins) 5,000
Combining pure natural seaweed, rich in minerals and vitamins with high potency marine extracts, the treatment stabilizes and cleanses deeply. A special MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) with PlasmaIg Gel is carried out. This gel is rich in marine actives, allowing deeper penetration of themarine algae mask used thereafter. It's anti-bacterial effect Is ideal for combination, oily and problem skin types. It can be used on either face or back.
Brightening Facial From Thalgo (60 mins) 7,000
Restore the natural luminosity and clarity of your skin with this true to its word Brightening treatment. A first in beauty cosmetology, Thalgo uses the filmogel; which are sugar based films containing freeze-dried Pro-Vitamin C.Th is Pro-Vitamin C is an effective depigmentation agent. An ideal treatment to rid the face of pigmentation marks, scars, blemishes, unsightly marks or any other skin imperfections. Also effectively treats sun-damaged skins and restores the even tone. Skin complexion becomes even and the skin is re-defined, supple and bright.
Ocean Ritual customized for all skin types (60 mins) 6,000
This ritual is designed especially to suit the needs of your skin. Hydrate, Nourish, Puri& or Soothe. Consult our experts to experience this custom - made facial; especially for you.
Silicium Lift Treatment (75 mins) 8,000
This unique treatment features Marine Hyaluronic Acid molecules for optimum absorbtion of active ingredients and Immediate results. After just one treatment skin looks visibly five years younger, complexion glows and wrinkles will be less noticeable.
Exceptional Ultime Facial (90 mins) 9,000
Created with the alchemy of precious marine ingredients and exceptional manual techniques, this ritual offers ultimate effectiveness and endless sensations. With its unique Age Reversal Patent, this ritual guarantees an enhanced skin tone and firmness. Following the regime regularly will also help in reducing age - induced pigmentation, puffiness and improve the skin's density.
Collagen Facial 60 mins) 6,000
The science of Aromatherapy • 40 years of professional skincare based on the alchemy of Essential oils
DECLeOR PETIT RITUAL (45 mins) 3,500
This 'Express Ritual' brings the benefits of aromatherapy to offer a restorative break for you in just 30minutes. The skin is recharged, morning aura is immediately restored. the skin breathes with freshness and radiance.

Radiance Aurabsolu
with Jasmine Absolut
Luminous glow and radiance for dull, tired skin
Unique rituals where effectiveness and well-being come together. These specialised and targeted rituals address specific needs of your skin and at the same help you relax and recharge. Highly personalised experiences best suited for your skin's priorities while also balancing body's vital energies with the ultimate goal to rejuvenate your skin, body and mind.

Whitening Aroma White
C+ with Chamomile essential oil

Fair, even toned complexion for pign ented skin

Aw2-Iarir eisnsnPtircaiii2ene Lift

Targets wrinkles for a younger looking, firm and toned skin

Hydrating Hydrafforal
with Neroti essential oil
Deep moisturizing action for de-hydrated skin
Awaken your skin, body and mind with the transformative power of essential oils and experience the most luxurious indulgent and rejuvenating skincare rituals. The key moments in this signature ritual are the application of a multi-vitamin Aromaplastie mask with 100% natural ingredients coupled with a deeply relaxing back massage leaving your skin nourished, balanced and all signs of stress eased.

Aromaplastie Whitening
with Chamomile essential oil
Signature ritual for ultimate whitening, even toned, unpigmented skin

Aromaplastie Prolagene Lift
with Iris essential oil
Signature ritual for ultimate lift and visibly sculpted facial contours
  30 mins 60 mins 75 mins 90 mins
Back Massage 2,500      
Swedish   3,500 4,500 5,000
Back   4,000 4,500 5,500
Deep-Tissue   4,500 6,000 7,000
Upper lip 250
Chin 250
Eyebrows 400
Forehead 450
Side Locks 550
Full Face 1,400
For Men's Waxing: Kindly consult your Aesthetician for the pricing.
For Full Body International War Kindly consult your Aesthetician for the pricing.
Face Roll On International 
Bead Wax
Chin   500
Nose   500
Upper Lip   500
Eyebrows   600
Ear Waxing   550
Forehead   600
Side Locks   600
Full Face   3,200
Half Arms 500  
Neck   650
Glutes Waxing 600  
Underarms   650
Chest Waxing 850  
Full Arms 1000  
Stomach Waxing 850  
Half Legs 850  
Bikini Line   900
G-String Line   1,500
Brazilian   2,200
Stomach   2,200
Chest   2,200
Back Waxing   3,000
Full Legs 1,400  
Full Body 5,500  
Face 1,100
Face and Neck 1,300
Chest 1,700
Stomach 1,700
Full Hands 2,000
Full Legs 2,500
Back 3,000
Full Body (without face) 7,000
Sweet And Savory Body Polish (60 mins) 3,000
Restore the natural softness and radiance of your body. This blissful exfoliating ritual helps in eliminating surface dead cells & re-mineralizes. The exceptional scrub from Dessange" Fleur de Sel° contains natural salt & a blend of Palm, Avocado and Jojoba essential oils, thus helping in nourishing, repairing & regenerating the skin.
Body Scrub With Black Soap Bubbles (60 mins) 3,200
Experience a relaxing exfoliating ritual with 'Black Soap with Eucalyptus"- a one of its kind body scrub offered by Dessange. Soaked in Olive Oil, this scrub helps in nourishing, softening and purifying the skin, leaving you with a refreshed mind and body.
Relaxing 3 Continents Massage (60 mins) 3,800
The ritual is a combination of Californian, Swedish & Chinese massage techniques along with a unique oil used during the service. The scintillating mix of essential oils helps in soothing, calming & stimulating lymphatic drainage.
(This massage may not be recommended for pregnant woman due to the presence of essential oils)
Warm Candle Cocooning Massage (90 mins) 6,000
Far from outside world and daily stress, allow this cocooning Treatment with Warm Candle to envelop you in a bubble of softness and exquisite warmth. In a matter of minutes. you are de-stressed and ready to enjoy the moment.
Silhouette Massage With Sculpting Balm (90 mins) 6,000
To beautify her curves the silhoutte massage with sculpting balm combines drainage enhancing and firming movements to combat the appearance of "dimpled areas". smooth the skin's texture, refine the figure and deliver an infinite feeling of lightness Intensely revitalizing, the body massage (from the waist to ankles) revives and tones without compromising on relaxing of the body and mind. This treatment is proposed as an intensive program of 6 to 10 sessions. this treatment will effectively prepare the body before the summer
Dessange Signature "Hulks and Terres Preceuses" Body (90 mins) 2,500
Formulated with extracts of precious stones and metal, soils and clays - all the riches of nature at the service of the skin
The precious trilogy body treatment is unique and unprecedented treatment combining the energizing benefits of natural and precious active ingredients with finger - pressure techniques and the gentle action of relaxing massage to help rebalance the skin and bring the mind and body into harmony. This treatment brings ultimate luxury, Femininity & Pleasure for sense of absolute plentitude.
Purity Ritual - Body Exfoliation (30 mins) 2,800
A body exfoliation that rids the skin of its impurities in depth, improves cell renewal, smoothens and dehyadrates. The red algae contained in the scrub stimulates the micro circulation of the body. The exfoliation is then compiled with the specific finishing product of moisturisation The skin regains its softness and radiants and active ingredients are more easily absorbed.
Micronized Marine Algae Wrap (60 mins) 5,500
A detoxifying prelude to all slimming programs The original marine algae wrap, rich in minerals. vitamins, trace elements and micro nutrient, The Plasmalg Gel is an antiseptic which is pure marine algae in gel form that allows deeper and effective penetration of the active ingredient, The Marine Algae Wrap relaxes the muscles and Joints and eliminates metabolic wastes through perspiration It incorporates the use of the thermal blanket to accelerate perspiration of the body thus inhancing the detoxification process. The treatment activates metabolism, increases circulation and relieves aches and pains. An excellent body wrap for general well being, total relaxation, refining the feather and breaking fatty deposits Recommended as a prelude before all slimming and firming courses
Marine Mud with Exfoliating Salts Rituals (60 mins) 5,500
A deluxe - exfoliation treatment which combines natural sea - salts and dead sea mud to effectively treat muscle pain, water retention and Joint tensions. Eliminates dead skin cells, helps smooth skin roughness, refines skin texture and invigorates the entire body by activating micro-circulation
Nail Polish Application (15 mins) 300
Add Parafin Bath (15 mins) 400
Mini Manicure : Cut-File-Polish (15 mins) 500
Mini French Manicure : Cut-File-French Polish (15 mins) 600
Classic Manicure (30 mins) 900
French Manicure (45 mins) 1,000
Dessange Signature Balinese Warm Candle Manicure (45 mins) 1,400
Dessange Marine Mud Spa Manicure (45 mins) 2,000
Nail Polish Application 300
Add Parafin Bath 400
French Nail Polish Application 500
Mini Pedicure :Cut-File-Polish 500
Mini French Pedicure : Cut-File-French Polish 600
Classic Pedicure (45 mins) 1,100
French Pedicure (45 mins) 1,200
Dessange Signature Balinese Warm Candle Pedicure (60 mins) 1,700
Dessange Marine Mud Spa Pedicure (60 mins) 2,200
Foot Massage (30 mins) 1,700
Foot Massage (45 mins) 2,000
Foot Massage (60 mins) 2,700
Head Massage (30 mins) 1,700
Head Massage (45 mins) 2,000
Head Massage (60 mins) 2,700
Face Massage (30 mins) 1,700
Face Massage (45 mins) 2,000
Face Massage (60 mins) 2,700
Hand Massage (30 mins) 1,700
Hand Massage (45 mins) 2,000
Hand Massage (60 mins) 2,700
Advice and a complimentary make-up session is offered after every service. The price may vary according to your specific needs
Extension Removal (60 mins) 4,500
Eyelash Exension Length and Volume Correction (30 mins) 5,000
Extension length and Volume (60 mins) 7,500
Extension in 3D correction (60 mins) 7,500
Extension in 3D (60 mins) 10,000
Make-up touch up service is offered complimentary after every service, on availability Make-up Director Stylist
Day Or Light Make-up at the Salon (60 mins)   3,500
Evening Make-up at the Salon (60 mins) 9,000 6,000
Bridal Services at the Salon (Hair & Make-Up)   20,000
Bridal Services at the Venue (Hair & Make-Up) 25,000 30,000 (OP)
1 Spa Manicure + 1 Spa Pedicure + 1 session of Hair Styling + 1 sessions of Make-up + 1 Hair Spa + 1 Clean up / Facial + 1 Massage - (90 min) + 1 Body Exfoliation + 1 Body Wrap
(Validity for Bridal Package: 2 months)
Nail Art Per Finger (15 mins)
Hands And Feet
Nail Art : Full Set (45 mins)
Hands And Feet
Nail Art : Stick On - Kiss Nail Wrap (30 mins)
Hands And Feet
Nail Art : Stick On - for Tips only (30 mins)
Hands And Feet
Nail Art : Stick On - Impress (30 mins)
Hands And Feet
Gel Polish Removal with Special Remover (30 mins)
Permanent polish removal with remover
Extra Glitter (45 mins)
Extra glitter on permanent polish
Gel Polish Application (45 mins)
Permanent polish application
Gel French Polish Application (60 mins)
Permanent polish application
Per Tip Repair (15 mins)
Touch up per Nail Tip with Gel
French Per Tip Repair (15 mins)
French Touch up per Nail Tip with Gel
Refill for Toes Only (30 mins)
Touch up for 2 big toes with gel
Removal of Gel Nails (30 mins)
Removal of gel extensions
Extensions for Toes only (30 mins)
Extension for 2 big toes with gel
Permanent French Paint Refill (120 mins)
Touch up for the french or natural extension with white paint
Plain Refill (90 mins)
Touch up for the gel extensions
Builders - French Paint Refill (150 mins)
Touch up for the french or natural extension with white paint
Overlays Permanent French Paint (90 - 120 mins)
Permanent coating of gel with white paint on natural nails
Overlays Plain (90 mins)
Permanent coating of gel on natural nails
Overlays Builder Gel French (120 - 150 mins)
Permanent coating of gel with french white on natural nails
Full Set Natural Tips (120 mins)
Permanent natural nail extensions with gel
Full Set with French Tips (120 mins)
Permanent natural nail extensions with gel
Full Set with French Paint (Permanent) (150 mins)
Permanent french nail extensions with white paint gel
Full Set with Builder Gel French (150 mins)
Permanent french nail extensions with white gel
Acrylic Nails Per Tip Repair (30 mins)
Touch up per Nail Tip with Acrylic
Acrylic Nails French Per Tip Repair (30 mins)
Touch up per french nail tip with acrylic
Acrylic Nails Refill for Toes only (30 mins)
Touch up for 2 big toes with acrylic
Removal of Acrylic Nails (45 mins) 1,000
Buff and Finishing Gloss (30 mins)
Only buffing of acrylic and application of finishing gloss
Acrylic Nails for Toes Only (30 mins)
Extension for 2 big toes with acrylic
Refill for Acrylic
Touch up for acrylic nails
Refill with Gloss (90 mins)
Touch up for acrylic nails with gel gloss
Refill with White Powder (150 mins)
Touch up for the french or natural extensions with white acrylic powder
Overlays - With Gloss (90 mins)
Permanent coating of acrylic on natural nails with gel gloss
Overlays - with French Powder (150 mins)
Permanent coating of acrylic on natural nails with gel gloss
Acrylic Set Natural Tips With Gloss (120 mins)
Permanent french nail extensions with acrylic and gel gloss
Full Set Natural Tips (120 mins)
Permanent natural nail extensions with acrylic
Full Set French Tips (120 mins)
Permanent french nail extensions with acrylic and gel gloss
Full Set with french white powder (150 mins)
Permanent french nail extensions with white acrylic powder
Full Set with Acrylic Glitter Tips (150 mins)
Permanent nail extensions with white glitter